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"We have found Anne Maree to be a very smart, creative and energising trainer. As well as being a pleasure to work with she has made a tangible difference to our business over the three years that we have worked together. We like the fact that her sessions and teaching are very much tailored to us as individuals and as a business. She developed an excellent understanding of both quickly... and when she is working with us she is very much part of our team.

Her knowledge of communication is multi-layered and goes well beyond structure and words. She has given us insight and practical techniques that recognise at a deeper level what creates effective communication. This has contributed to a number of new business wins and well received conference presentations. She inspires, enlightens, and compassionately stretches our circle of comfort - and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone apart from our competitors."

Gareth Abley | Head of Asset Consulting | MLC Implemented Consulting


"Anne Maree is the best demonstration of her information.....She is the example. She has contrast as a presenter, wildly expressive one moment, intense and thought provoking the next. She teaches how to access your audience with confidence and passion, to find your voice and power,... her knowledge, humour and passion fill the hearts and minds of the trainees resulting in lasting changes."

Stephanie Novak-Piper, National Education Manager Redken (Australia)


"Anne Marie has an extraordinary mix of warmth and competence. And thank God for that. She works at an amazing depth and when working at that level you really need to be with someone who knows what they are doing and handles you with compassion. I have experienced the benefit of her work and can confidently say that if you want behaviour change that really sticks, then be guided by her expertise."

Paul Donovan. CEO of PD Consulting


"Working with the often unconscious elements of voice and presentation with Anne Maree Wilshire has been an enriching experience. With her help my voice is never tired, my tone is as powerful or as pleasant as I need it to be, and I have more ways to say the same thing, to better suit my audience. Working with senior managers and executive teams, I can't afford to be fluffy or indefinite. Now my words mean what they say, at every level."

Cindy Tonkin, The Consultants' Consultant, Aragon Gray Pty Ltd Author of the Australian Consultant's Guide


"MLC Implemented Consulting has employed Anne Maree Wilshire for the last 2 years to:

  • improve the overall presentation and communication style of our 14member team
  • to further develop the skills of 4 senior staff in order to make them more engaging and compelling presenters
  • to improve the success ratio of our pitches with the preparation of powerpoint slides and the delivery of our message to wholesale clients
  • to improve the facilitation techniques of two of the senior members of the team for MLC's Annual Conference to over 200 wholesale clients.

I have found Anne Maree to be a captivating and persuasive presenter who broke down the keys to a successful presentation into bite size pieces that could be digested and easily understood by everyone. She managed to engage and convince senior members of the team (who were traditionally fairly cynical) of the value of the work we were doing.

I saw significant improvement in each of the senior team members' presentation styles over the last three years. She has managed to increase our animation and interest and added greater clarity to our individual messages. We managed to increase our success ratio with a number of pitches for in 2007/2010 and I believe Anne Marie's work was fundamental to this improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne Maree to anyone that aspires to communicating with power and presence."

Christine Cameron | Head of Business Development | MLC Implemented Consulting




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