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"Working with the often unconscious elements of voice and presentation with Anne Maree Wilshire has been an enriching experience. With her help my voice is never tired, my tone is as powerful or as pleasant as I need it to be, and I have more ways to say the same thing, to better suit my audience. Working with senior managers and executive teams, I can't afford to be fluffy or indefinite. Now my words mean what they say, at every level."

Speaking with Presence
Explores the keys to speaking with power, confidence and authenticity.

Uncover the link between effective influence and leadership and how you're using your voice

Discover your "voice of authority". Explore the tools that enable you to sound credible and professional in any situation

Practice effective techniques that bring out the power, presence and ease in your voice.
  No more mumbling, hoarseness or running out of breath!

How to use specific voice techniques to build your confidence and also respond comfortably to strong personalities.

Receive a “sure fire” warm up strategy that will bring out the best in your voice when used before that important meeting.

Quick exercises and techniques you can use before a presentation or meeting to clear your mind and feel centred.


The Authentic Voice

Polish your individual style till your Charisma shines.

We each have our own combination of skills, knowledge and style. It is our ability to congruently unite these that makes our message most memorable and inspires those that are listening to action.

When these elements are not aligned people perceive us as incongruent and our message as untrustworthy.

Our “authentic voice” requires us to be comfortable in our own skin and link what we know with the intention we wish to convey.

Through a systematic series of techniques you will:

Enhance your credibility and make your communication memorable

Be able to inspire people with a “call to action”.

Use your voice with ease, presence and power whenever you speak


Communicating in English Confidently
For many professional people who have come to Australia from non-English speaking countries their ability to express thoughts and ideas clearly in English is an important key to their business success.

Sometimes they have a strong understanding of written English and vocabulary and find it frustrating “getting their tongue around” speaking English so that they’re clearly understood.

Individual coaching can assist them in:

Being able to easily and correctly form the sounds

Combine vowels and consonants fluently

Find a natural rhythm and speed that is clearly understood by others

Understand and practice the correct emphasis in the words and phrases they regularly use
in their work

Practice conversation using topics that are central to their job role so they feel confident
  and able to express their ideas naturally and clearly

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