Luscious electronica overlaid with
vibrant vocals and jazz grooves



I have always been drawn to light, especially when it sparkles on water or shines through a drop of rain on a petal, or the full moon lighting up the back garden. When I’m writing a song, in the back of my mind is the awareness of light and sound as two kinds of vibrations that can alter the shape of our cells and our emotions.

So sound for me is like liquid light illuminating new perspectives.  Creating songs by combining a great groove, melody and chords can connect me to a mood or feeling that washes through me and brings me back home to my true self.

I wanted the lyrics in these songs to be like a kaleidoscope, reflecting the different experiences we have of light and shadow in our lives. It was my intention that these songs in some small way illuminate and soothe the dark places and brings us back to the Light and Love that vibrates in all creatures.



© 2008 Anne Maree Wilshire / Rob Ryan / Chris Liddell